Check Your Roses

Large Rose Sawfly (Arge pagana)

If you check your roses now you might find these gregariously chomping away on the leaves. It is possibly one of 2 species of sawfly Arge pagana or Arge ochropus, and it is hard to tell which in the early instar stage. But if you can find the original egg scar on the stem you will know what species it is for sure. If it has a double row of cells it is Arge pagana, and a single row determines Arge ochropus. From my own past experience, unless you get a whole army of these chomping larvae they won’t seriously damage your rose. Sometimes the birds will grab them for protein.

Large Rose Sawfly Arge pagana larvae

Large Rose Sawfly Arge pagana larvae

Large Rose Sawfly Arge pagana egg scar


22 thoughts on “Check Your Roses

    1. Thank you, Judith 🙂 Some years I don’t get them, or perhaps I just don’t notice them. I was pruning, and there they were in my hand on what I had too off.

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  1. I’ve heard of sawflies, but didn’t have a clue what they were. Now, I do. In this stage, they’re one of those “sort of ugly, sort of cute” critters!

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  2. The heads on sawfly larvae are so odd on that body. They remind me of those cartoon with aliens that had huge heads.
    🙂 We don’t have any roses but maybe these are on my neighbor’s roses.

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