The Queen

Myrmica ruginodis – This is species of one of the red ants you may find nesting in your garden. This is a winged queen. It nests in the ground, in tufts of grass, under stones and in rotten wood. Colonies are usually polygynous with an average of 15 queens and a thousand workers or more.

Myrmica ruginodis queen

24 thoughts on “The Queen

  1. Excellent macro shot. Fancy having 15 queens in the one nest. Is that normal for just this particular ant species or all ants?

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  2. Nice shot Pete. Every year we see them coming from under the stones, all at the same moment. They must have the perfect biological clock….

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  3. Wonderful picture! I feared them for a long long time, but in between I made peace with them. It is so interesting to watch them.

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