All Stretched Out And Waiting

Dicranopalpus ramosus agg. This one was all stretched out on my shed wall waiting for a snack to land in its lap. It was a crafty devil as it made its place near a light source waiting for night fliers which might be attracted to it. This is not a spider, but a harvesmen, and no, it does not bring in the crops end of season. It has one leg missing, it is a female, and is a fierce hunter which prays on other invertebrates. Note the excessively long, forked pedipalps pointing forwards. You can see them from now until October, resting on low vegetation, walls and fences.

Dicranopalpus ramosus agg - male

Dicranopalpus ramosus agg - male

7 thoughts on “All Stretched Out And Waiting

  1. As soon as I saw “All stretched out” I knew it would be a spider. Some species make it very difficult to get the legs entirely in the image and still maintain some size to the body. I found a five-legged cricket the other day. I guess someone wanted a piece of this one. 🙂

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  2. Harvestmen are common companions in the north woods of Minnesota, but I’ve never seen one stretched out and lying in wait for unwary prey like this one, but normally ambling about on their incredibly-long stilt legs among the most seemingly-unlikely, tenuous perches. It’s a mystery to me how they are able to negotiate such challenging purchases with only those two miniscule eyes.

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