Bringing Light To A Weed

Smooth Sow-thistle (Sonchus oleraceus) – This member of the Asteraceae family has quite an unenviable reputation as a nasty and troublesome weed of gardens and arable land, and yet, seen in a different light, it is much more than just that. It has a beauty all of its own as a native wild flower and a source of nectar to pollinating insect. It also has medicinal properties as well as culinary.

Smooth Sow-thistle Sonchus oleraceus

Smooth Sow-thistle Sonchus oleraceus

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18 thoughts on “Bringing Light To A Weed

  1. We have an introduced sow thistle here: Sonchus oleraceus . It’s also a troublesome weed, but it shows up on various foraging sites, especially because of the palatability of young leaves. I came across a fasciated specimen alongside the road; I need to dig out those photos and post them. It took on quite an unusual form.

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  2. Beautiful shots! I have some of these (I don’t know which kind) on my balcony and some insects like them very much, so I let them grow. I like them too, but I never saw them in such a nice light 🙂 Well done!

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