On Rainy Summer Days

Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus) – 2020 has been full of strange days so far, and the weather here has been no exception. These past few days have felt like autumn rather than summer, with high winds and cold temperatures, and then we have the rain. I think even the butterflies are baffled. I also need to figure out how to tone down the camera shutter ‘click’, because within a split-second of me taking this image the butterfly took to the air and flew off.

Ringlet Aphantopus hyperantus

Please double-click image for a closer look.

29 thoughts on “On Rainy Summer Days

    1. Thank you 🙂 The weather should be getting a little better here from tomorrow. Hopefully you will be able to eat your breaksfast outside there, soon! 🙂


  1. What a contrast of colours. Beautiful photo. Not very beautiful weather though, the South Pennines have been battered, drenched and thoroughly chilled.

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  2. There is no reason for digital cameras to click – I think the sound is built-in to make the photographer aware of having clicked. It can be an awful nuisance. Your butterfly is very pretty.

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      1. It looks like you’ve found the mode I was going to mention. There’s a ‘silent mode’ in my Canon that reduces noise, although it doesn’t eliminate it entirely.

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  3. In the 1970s I did a lot of film photography (family and friends snapshots) and my 35 mm Minolta SRT 101 was very quiet. I used to read a lot of photo magazines back then and I remember people saying that Nikon 35s were very noisy; called it mirror slap. You could really hear it when TV news showed a news conference and all the camera were going off. Some journalists and nature photographers preferred Canon, and other brands, to Nikon because of Nikons’ loud shutter slap.

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    1. I had quite a noisy Praktica back in the 80s, but I quite liked the sound it made back then. I also like the sound of the Nikon, as it reaffirms my shot.

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  4. Hi Pete, I love the contrast of colors here! So happy you were able to create this beautiful image before it flew off.

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