21 thoughts on “Yellow Water-lily

  1. I learned that at one time this was considered the only species in the genus, and the other Nuphar species were considered sub-species. Today, our American N. advena is considered a separate species, although it looks almost identical. I can’t recall seeing ours, but I’m going to have to pay better attention. This one certainly is a beauty

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  2. We have two similar lilies, called pond-lilies. Nuphar variegata-called
    bullhead pond-lily or yellow pond-lily and Nuphar microphylla-called Small-leaved Pond-lily. As your leaves are large I’d guess the first is the closer relative. The first image with the dark water and reflection is very nice, Pete. I like the second with the good look inside.

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  3. Frogs jumping from water lily to water lily immediately brought back an image from The Tale of Jeremy Fisher – Beatrix Potter’s story.

    (I must have read that story hundreds of times to the children I was Nanny to back in the 1970s. I seem to relate many things English to images and stories from Potter’s books. I even went so far as to start writing and illustrating similar children’s stories myself soon after I returned to Melbourne in 1979). None published and I wish I had kept the sketches and watercolour images from that time, but no, they got thrown out during one of my many house moves).

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  4. I hadn’t realised until the other week when reading up on lilies that the yellow as well as the white lilies I often see are natives. In had assumed they were exotic escapees. I continue to live an learn.

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    1. You now I didn’t even realise my local canal had one species of lily on it let alone two. I am still learning, too. It’s amazing when you have more time on your hands you can see and experience, and learn a lot more 🙂

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  5. Beautiful! I like the depth of the first picture. One can hardly say what ist what. And then this lovely little Water-lily. Nice find!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 It was on the far side of the canal, so had to use my zoom lens and had only one angle to play with, so had to make the most of it I could 🙂

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    1. I managed to catch the pause between winds with this one. The weather has been so crazy here lately, and you would think it January the way the wind has been blowing, and how cold it it.


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