Snake Drama

Grass Snake (Natrix helvetica) – Strolling along the canal, the light ever changing as slate grey clouds block the sun, threatening rain again, and seeing me with my camera, a friendly fisherman calls out, “There’s a frog being eaten by a snake over there!” I pass under a nearby canal bridge built during the Industrial Revolution and I see a stirring in the canal water on the opposie bank. And low and behold there is a snake gripping a frog around the throat. I would never have thought that my first encounter with a Grass Snake would be so dramatic. They also hunt and eat fish.

Grass Snake Natrix helvetica

Grass Snake Natrix helvetica

Please double-click images for a closer look.

47 thoughts on “Snake Drama

    1. Thank you, Mike. From what I have read frogs and toads are there much preferred diet, and the snake normally swallows them back legs first whilst they are alive.


      1. The Grass Snake has numerous back-facing teeth, so once it gets its teeth into something even the slippiest find it hard to get away. Fortunately for your frog, this was the exception.


      2. I’d think it would be much easier to swallow a frog head-first but, on the other hand, it must be a lot easier to catch one from behind, so I guess that works out for them–usually!

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    1. Thank you, Sandra 🙂 When I got there a women and her two kids were watching, and one of them was trying to feed the snake sweetcorn. It didnt let go of the frog, so sweetcorn was not its thing.

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    1. Thank you, Anki! That is interesting about your snake, and I had to look into it more. I beleive they are they same species. It used to be called Natrix natrix here, and stilll is in some books and websites, but it all changed in 2017 with genetic study of the species.

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  1. I don’t often see such scenes, but I always feel especially lucky when I do. This is a wonderful glimpse into the realities of the food chain — how wonderful that you were able to witness it and share it with us!

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  2. Wow. What a treat to capture such a sight. One can’t possibly imagine a snake eating a frog so much larger than its mouth, but I’ve heard some snakes ‘dislocate’ their jaws to do so.

    How lucky that the fisherman pointed it out to you and you were able to get a shot.

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    1. Thank you, Vicki. I was leaning over the canal bridge photgraphing pondweed of all things, and the fisherman saw me and must of thought I would be interested, and of course I was! 🙂

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