Amazing Builders

Moorhen (Gallinula chloropus) – On a stroll along the local canal I spotted the nest first and the bird second on the opposite side of the bank. I was taken by the construction of woven stems which form this nest, and how it was built on a section of submerged tree. There are jokes about ‘birdbrain’ references, but this one not only had to think of how to construct the nest, what suitable size it should be, and what to line it with, it also had to think of the best place to build it safe from predators and from being washed away by rising water in potential torrential rainfall.

The female lays 5-11 eggs in 2 or 3 broods from April to August.

Moorhen (Gallinula chloropus)

28 thoughts on “Amazing Builders

  1. Nest construction is always impressive. It is curious that each species creates its own unique nest and they are almost always species specific. Sometimes I am of the opinion that the only birdbrains on this Earth are us.

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  2. I have a photo of a moorhen on a nest here, and the nest is built from the same sort of reeds. This gal got a little more creative, though. Building on a bank is one thing — building in that tree snag took it up a notch!

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  3. The clever moorhen is definitely no birdbrain, not in the conventional sense of the word. Lots of thought went into constructing that nest.

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  4. I have not seen a moorhen nest like this before – the ones here build their nests out of reeds and sedges along the edges of the water. Your one has chosen a high rise site!

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