Waving At Mr Brown

Meadow Brown (Maniola jurtina) – Heatwave here, so out early this morning in the fields, and it is butterfly heaven out there. I had an interesting encounter with this male Meadow Brown butterfly I found feeding on a thistle. 9 times out of 10 I encounter them with their wings folded, but this one had them open for me. As I went to take the shot it shut them. Open again, focusing, shut again and missed again. This went on for a short while, so I decide to wave at it, thinking it would either fly off or flash its wings open to ward me off. It flashed, then closed. Still no shot. I waved again, virtually in its face, another flash, shut again. This went on and on, until finally …. fully open. It may not be as pretty or as fanciful as some of the butterflies out there, but still beautiful in its own special way. Note the darker ‘sex brands’ on the forewings and the faint orange flush.

Meadow Brown Maniola jurtina male

Double-click image for a closer look.

For further interest visit the ‘Butterflies’ page.

24 thoughts on “Waving At Mr Brown

  1. Oh I don’t know – he is rather lovely. Reminds me of my encounters with butterflies at the gardens – they would flash in front of you and the moment you focus your camera, they flutter off. Gorgeous image.

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  2. Great shot Pete! When I was a child we always called moths millers! They gave off a dusty dandruff that looked like flour so that is how we got the name miller!

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    1. Thank you! Yes they do get lost in the grass quite easily, and I have given up trying to chase them through the fields 😉


  3. It can be frustrating to photograph butterflies especially but sticking with it has its rewards and your patience and persistence got you the shot you desired. I have 100% success at waving then seeing them fly off. 🙂

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