Nice And Cosy Until …

… I lift a rock and shed some light. The rain has been very welcome here, but the trouble is once it starts it doesn’t know when to stop. Between the rain I decided to see what might be hiding under a few rocks in the garden. Here I found this rather snug millipede, which looked like I had awoken it from a daze. It is one of the ‘tail-less’ Cylindroiulus, of which there are 4 UK species. I also got a bonus just in frame and a new species for me here of a very small woodlouse. It is called the Common Pygmy Woodlouse (Trichoniscus pusillus agg.) which grows up to 5 mm (almost 1/4 in) long.

tail-less Cylindroiulus sp.

Double-click image for a closer look.

For further interest visit the ‘Centipedes and Millipedes’ page.

12 thoughts on “Nice And Cosy Until …

  1. I had thoughts about commenting that now you’re getting down and dirty, but then I thought that I might reconsider. And then I reconsidered that thought. This is a world that many take for granted as being there, but not being worthy of much serious attention or consideration. Both of these arthropods play essential roles in the ecology, and it’s good to see you, as it were, bringing them to light. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a woodlouse (we call them sowbugs) that was that small. I see that I’ll have to keep a sharper eye out!

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    • The rock where I found these where just in a plant pot, and I am amazed how nature has colonised it, and how many other crtitters were there which I could not see without my hand lens. It is another world entirely ehich has always fascinated me. Like worlds within worlds.

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  2. Nice find, Pete. These are cool to come across when they are all coiled up nice and tight. I once had a fisherman find one and bring it to me so I could photograph it while I was studying something else…don’t remember what now. A very handsome creature.

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