24 thoughts on “Microcosmos IV

  1. Absolutely amazing! Well done by both the photographer who took such a sharp image and the tiny, I guess almost weightless spider, that dangle so easily.

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  2. How indeed? It doesn’t even look like it is holding something; just touching the petal. Interestingly the email I received notifying me of the post was titled Microworlds IV vs Microcosmos .

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  3. I spent a full twenty minutes trying to photograph a tiny spider today. It might have been a quarter inch, including legs. I just couldn’t get focused on it — partly because it seemed to like running into and out of its web!

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    1. They are very much a challenge to photo, especially if they don’t want to keep still. I tried to photograph a large spider found in the bathroom. I like to try and photograph them in their natural environment, but as soon as this one was out of the pot it shot off!

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  4. What a great shot, Pete. I don’t think I would see this spider, let alone photograph it 😀

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  5. Not having heard of this spider family before, I looked them up and was quite surprised to learn that they comprise the second-largest family of spiders after the Salticidae (jumping spiders), and also that they weave “great waves of cobwebs that can be found to be strewn across hedges,” quite an amazing feat for such tiny folk!

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  6. There are so many tiny insects, we’ll include spiders in that description, that can go entirely unnoticed. This one must have been quite a challenge. It is amazing how strong a spider’s grip can be…whether the larger moth you shared or a big fat bumblebee…or a rose petal.

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    1. This was quite a challenge as you say, Steve. All my photography is handheld, and the weight of the combined camera body, macro lens, lens adaptor and speedlight are fine if I can rest an arm somewhere as a brace. Here I couldn’t, so focusing and movement became the main issue, bu thanfully I got at least one decent shot 🙂

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