18 thoughts on “These Broken Wings

  1. I have no association with Mr. Mister, but when I looked it up, it rang a very distant bell. I was, instead immediately thinking of Paul McCartney’s Blackbird. And I’ve seen many a ragged-winged butterfly that appeared not at all disabled by the damage. They seem to adapt to it like an animal losing the use of an entire leg.

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  2. Love the song and the photo too. I am amazed all the time at the ability of butterflies and dragonflies to function with wings that are sometimes severely damaged.

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  3. I am always in awe of butterflies that continue flying with tattered wings – reminiscent of those early aeroplanes flying on a wing and a prayer after a dogfight in the sky.

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  4. Nice capture of this tattered fellow, Peter. It’s interesting how the damage goes all the way around, not just one gap like I’ve more frequently seen. He certainly found a happy place to hang out in your garden space.

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  5. Beautiful and sad. I didn’t realize that was a Mr. Mister song. It is the perfect tie in for this post! Nicely done Pete!

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