Small Tortoiseshell

Aglais urticae – I have seen a couple of these fluttering around the backyard for a few days now. They appear very determined to feed and are hardly bothered by my passing by them or when I am observing them. They do fly off on occasion, circle the garden, and come back again to feed.

Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae

16 thoughts on “Small Tortoiseshell

  1. Even though this is one of “yours,” I looked at the range map and found that a few vagrants have found their way to our east coast. It’s a pretty thing, for sure. It reminds me a bit of our painted lady: more color than pattern, of course.

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  2. It’s a beautiful butterfly and it looks very similar to the one we had on our terrace before we moved our flowers. I loved photographing them, and they were easy to capture because they could sit still on a flower for quite a while. Unfortunately, I have noted that there are not so many butterflies as it used to be when I walk in the countryside.

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    1. Thank you, Sandra 🙂 I don’t know if it was the same one, but it has been around the garden again today. Perhaps its gonna set roots here 🙂

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  3. I probably see more small tortoiseshells than any other butterfly which is good as they are pretty as well as fairly friendly. Love the picture. I’m keen to introduce valerian into my garden, most of my neighbours have some. Pollinators and butterflies seem to like it.

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    1. I have seen more Small Tortoiseshells, too. Many years ago on a trip to Torquay I notciced the Red Valerian growing from some old walls on a coastal path, so I got a few of the seeds and managed to get them to grow here. Thank you 🙂

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