Something Strange

Crystal Brain Fungus (Exidia nucleata) – To my intial eye and mind’s interpretation it looks like a jellied seal chilling out on a branch. But we don’t have jellied seals. do we? This was found on a small rotting twig, and it would shrivel to nothing but a rubber patch in dry weather, so you could hardly see it. It is a common wood-rotting species of jelly fungus found across Europe and North America. It also goes by the name of Granular Jelly Roll. Sounds yummy. Double-click on image if you want to zoom in closer.

Crystal Brain Fungus Exidia nucleata

38 thoughts on “Something Strange

  1. Like people who can’t help staring at a bad auto accident I couldn’t help not clicking twice. I see the seal’s flipper but I also see a hound dog’s head. 🙂 Nice job of capturing an interesting subject.

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  2. Crystal brain fungus that does indeed look like a melting jellied seal. Something to go with The Strange, The Weird, The Odd of a few weeks ago. You can’t half spot some peculiar stuff. A bit of woodland crystal brain fungus spotting for me soon, methinks.

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