24 thoughts on “Sun Fly

      • How funny, I’ve never heard of a CA Lilac and I’ve lived in CA my whole life. It’s beautiful! Thank you for the tips. I think my arms get tired from holding my rig steady and that makes me impatient. I love it still. And will keep at it! Take care, Pete.

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      • When I added the Nikon Speedlight to my rig that also added more weight, and yes it does make your arms tired. How do you view? Are you looking through the view finder or through the screen when snapping? With the compacts I used to use the screen, and because of their lightness this was okay, but I have found since switching to DSLR and doing more macro I use the view finder which also helps take some weight off the camera (your faces takes it, lol), and it helps to steady the cam with it pressed against the eye socket. Whateverr works best for you. I am glad you love it! Love it and it will love you back! 🙂 Take care, friend! 🙂

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      • Yes! That’s my set up too, Pete. The speedlight adds even more weight. I’ll try the viewfinder instead of the screen. That makes sense. I appreciate the suggestions. You take good care too! 🙂

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