Azalea Leaf Miner

Caloptilia azaleella – This is a tiny moth which loves my garage light. There were a few hanging around it, mesmerised by its glow. It is a naturalised adventive species which is steadily spreading northwards, and was probably introduced with azalea and rhodedendron plants. It is around 5mm (1/4in) long, and I could barely see it with the naked eye, so didn’t know what I had got until I saw it on the big screen. Double-click images for a closer look.

Azalea Leaf Miner Caloptilia azaleella

Azalea Leaf Miner Caloptilia azaleella

© Peter Hillman ♦ 10th May 2020 ♦ rear garden, South Staffordshire ♦ Nikon D7200

16 thoughts on “Azalea Leaf Miner

    • Thank you very much, Irene. At first I only notcied a couple of the larger moths, and saw these as only specks which I thought may have been dead flies left by the spiders which hang around the light. Until I touched one and it flew off! I just had to have a closer look with my camera 🙂

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