Garden Peony

I have always been around peonies. My mom and dad grew them, and I grow them now … well I just let them get on with the growing. This is a double peony, and it is newly blossoming. I liked the way the morning light had caught it, and tried to capture it just as it was in that moment. I tidied a few distractions up with the patch and clone tools in my photo editor, and added just a little high pass sharpening. Sometimes less is better. Double-click image to enlarge.


© Peter Hillman ♦ 6th May 2020 ♦ rear garden, South Staffordshire ♦ Nikon D7200

30 thoughts on “Garden Peony

  1. My grandmother always called these ‘PINE-ees.’ It was the common pronunciation for her and her friends. It might have been because English was a second language for them all, or it might simply have been a regional variation. They were a traditional cemetery flower, partly because they’re perennials, and there was nothing more gorgeous than a cemetery filled with their blooms on Memorial Day.

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  2. We’ve been growing peonies since we bought our home in 1985. The first two we bought were a pale herbaceous that was heavily and heavenly scented and the second a deep red tree peony similar to your bloom here. Such a rich and pleasing color to get lost in. Very nice, Pete.

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