Hanging In The Shed

Daddy Long-legs Spider (Pholcus phalangioides) – These have been regular tenants in my sheds and garage (they are evicted from the house on sight) for as long as I remember. I think they are one of the strangest of spiders around. If you disturb them in their web they go crazy and shake and wobble all over the place. Double-click image if you really wanna get closer.

Daddy Long-legs Spider Pholcus phalangioides

© Peter Hillman ♦ 3rd May 2020 ♦ Garden shed, South Staffordshire ♦ Nikon D7200

You may find my Page of Life of interest, which allows easy access to all species of flora and fauna featured on this site, and might be considered a useful reference.

29 thoughts on “Hanging In The Shed

  1. Yup, they are frequent here too and go by that name sometimes, but a more common name is cellar spiders. They are generally not only tolerated indoors here, but often encouraged, as they are great at catching the mosquitoes that come in through open windows (for some reason, many New Zealanders have not adopted the convenience of insect-proof screens, to our frequent bewilderment). I’ve constructed custom screens for all of our opening windows.

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  2. Wow!! I have never thought of spiders as beautiful but this one is really a very special one. It even looks like it has long eyelashes and the color of this spider is fantastic. An amazing image!!

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  3. Great shot, Pete. We used to have lots of these spiders indoors when we were young and I could never sleep if there was a spider in the bedroom despite my parents insisting they were harmless.

    I’m not a fan of the company of spiders at the best of times.

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  4. I don’t actually mind sharing my home with these, they are practically invisible and don’t chase you out of the room waving their palps at you. They do go into a mad spin though.

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