10 thoughts on “Blues And Greens

    1. I took a few shots of the fields that day with the greens and blues, and the trees so in fresh new buds. I thought this one worked best with the open tree and the big blue seeping through past those fresh born buds on the boughs. Thank you, Sandra 🙂

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  1. Blue and green have been my favorite colors for as long as I can remember. I’d probably have darkened the exposure and increased the saturation, but then the image would have lost its light, airy, ethereal character. One can feel the gentle spring breeze and be easily tempted to lie back and doze . . . in the . . . sun . . . . shine . . . . . snxxxx

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    1. You know, Gary, I intially did just that with the image, but it did lose its airy quality as you so well describe, especially in the sky, so quite a coincidence you happen to mention that 🙂 Blue has been my favourite colour followed closely by green. Anyway … time to wake up now! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for sharing your piece of the countryside, Pete. It’s so lovely to see some wide-open space without urban development.

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    1. I am lucky as this is but a few minutes walk from where I live. It is on the edge of the suburban belt and is a beautiful haven for nature to get on and do its thing. Thank you, Vicki 🙂

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  3. I was always told when younger that blue and green are not good together. This image demonstrates the falseness of that advice. They may not be complementary colors but they still look good together.

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