It Snuck In The House

Barney cocoadelicous – Another case of nature coming indoors. This cute cuddly creature must have snuck in the dining room when the patio door was left open. I caught it climbing a chair. No doubt it was searching for chocolate, which is its favourite food, as indicated in the species Latin name. I photographed it through the patio window from outside as I didn’t want to frighten it off. Also note these are very partial to sherry as well as chocolate, so make sure you keep them locked away – the sherry and the chocolate, and not the Barney. Needless to say, unless these creep you out, double-click image for a closer look-see.

Just having a bit of light fun during these very strange and trying times.


© Peter Hillman ♦ 8th April 2020 ♦ In house, Staffordshire ♦ Nikon D7200

47 thoughts on “It Snuck In The House

  1. Mission accomplished, Pete! It took me a minute to figure out the image, and then I laughed and laughed. Reading the text, I kept thinking: chocolate? sherry? What a fun post!

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  2. Lol! Barney brought a smile to my face! Love the photo and the writing. Health and happiness and hugs to Barney!

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    1. I am very happy you enjoyed it so, Robin! 🙂 I will pass on your words and hugs to Barney. Hugs are his next favourite thing on the list 🙂

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  3. JUST what the doctor ordered! I wouldn’t mind if one of these creatures snuck into my house – I would bring out the chocolate and sherry pronto AND provide as many hugs as are needed!

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  4. With chocolate and sherry on hand I’m not sure he will ever leave. Smart bear. I love this clever post, Pete! 🐻

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  5. Haha, don’t make yourself sick eating too many Easter eggs there Barney. And you are too cute and cuddly to be squished or swatted.

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    1. 🙂 He was expecting a Cadbury lorry load of chocolate Easter eggs to pull up outside the house this morning … but was content with pinching mine in the end! 😉

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  6. Hahahaaaa! Very good! You really fooled me. I first saw the feet and was asking myself…. I think I would share with the cute Barney. Someone who likes chocolate is very welcome 🙂

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