31 thoughts on “Teeming Tadpoles

    1. Thank you very much, Sandra. It is only a small pond only a few feet ’roundish’ but it has established itself now and fortunately it is attracting some nice wildlife to the garden. The birds also like to drink and have their bath in their, too 🙂

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  1. Your garden will be alive with frogs if they all make it to adulthood. What a lovely sight.

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    1. I had quite a lot of tadpoles last year and only a few survived. But I did see a few of the resulting toadlets in the garden hanging out later on in the season, which was great.

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  2. Great picture of your little pond teeming with tadpoles. Unfortunately, it will not be long before heron or other birds cut down the numbers.

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    1. Thank you, Geri 🙂 No herons yet, thankfully. A Magpie hopped in there the other day and I thought it was all over for them. But it only wanted to bathe! There are three other frogs in there, too, but they seem intent on trying to catch the damselflies.

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  3. This photo reminds me of my childhood when my sister and I would “play” with the tadpoles in the stream behind my house. Really, we would just watch them. I am trying to “like” lots of your posts today because usually I can’t do any “likes” for some reason. I am tech challenged. Anyway, really like this photo and your updates on the little froggies.

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    1. I really appreciate that and your likes, Pam. I sit near my pond and have watched them swimming in the water, and they are like little fishes. It is very relaxing 🙂

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