The Sky Stallion

I have a thing about clouds and how their formations pull on the imagination. I see a mighty horse rearing up and trying to pull itself free from the clouds, being born of the elements.

Sky Stallion cloud formation

© Peter Hillman ♦ 3rd August 2016 ♦ Bournemoth, Dorset ♦ Nikon D3200

48 thoughts on “The Sky Stallion

  1. Fantastic! Like the water horses in The Fellowship of the Rings. (Hmmm, I’m thinking of watching that today…)

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  2. What a great find–very well spotted! I too have a passion for clouds and a category I’ve called Nebulous Noteables. I think mankind has, from the time of the first glimmer of intelligent imagination, seen visions of familiar things in clouds.

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