The Strange

Heterotoma planicornis – I always think the early stage of true bugs look kind of strange, and this nymph is no exception. The adults grow up to around 5mm (just under a 1/4in) long, and they look quite strange, too. See last image. Double-click image to enlarge.

Heterotoma planicornis nymph

Heterotoma planicornis

© Peter Hillman ♦ 30th June 2019 ♦ Rear garden, Staffordshire ♦ Nikon D7200

16 thoughts on “The Strange

  1. Strange indeed. I also looked at the nymph and adult that you featured in you June 2017 post, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it–thanks to folks like you we live and learn. I can’t seem to find a common name–surely there is one?

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  2. This is an odd looker. The legs look more orthopteran. And the view from above really makes where the term “bug-eyed” comes from obvious. 🙂 Awkward teenager this one, Pete.

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