Puppy Dog Eyes

Pseudeuophrys lanigera – Me and Mike Powell (you should really go and check out his fabulous blog ‘My Journey Through Photography’ right now!) We know some folk get a little creeped out by these things … but who could fail to be moved by the cute little puppy dog eyes on this very small jumping spider? Double-click images if you really want to.

Pseudeuophrys lanigera

Pseudeuophrys lanigera

© Peter Hillman ♦ 18th May 2018 ♦ Living room ceiling, Staffordshire ♦ Nikon D7200

34 thoughts on “Puppy Dog Eyes

  1. “I only have eyes for you…” in this case, that means lots of eyes. I love jumping spiders, though I only occasionally spot one. Nice shots, Pete.

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  2. Now wee jumping spiders are quite cute, and I’ve no objection to them! I can’t remember the last time I found one on one of my plants, though.

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    1. I am pleased to know that, gillyflower 🙂 I saw one briefy, a Zebra Jumping Spider, on my waterbutt by the shed the other day, first one of the year.

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      1. You found one on your WHAT? I’m afraid that, never having heard or seen that term before, the image that it conjures up is probably better left in its undeveloped embryonic form. Please enlighten me, so I can let it go!

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      2. 🙂 Lol 🙂 A waterbutt is a tank that collects rainwater from the roof of my shed, which I then use to water my plants. I have 3 of them in the garden, and one colllects water from the garage roof, too. 🙂

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      3. So, a rain barrel–what a relief. I was picturing (or, rather, trying not to picture) you having just lost your balance while stepping across a rivulet by your shed, and looking down to find a zebra jumper on your–oh, never mind.

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  3. Honestly at first glance my brain sees a cold blooded killer of sweet dreams. But when I take a closer look he does look kinda cute! Beautifully photographed Pete!

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  4. I did double click because I know jumping spider’s are fairly small and aren’t going to jump out of my phone and eat me. Although not too much a spider fan, I am forever amazed at the details you show us.

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