Japanese Rose

Kerria japonica – These flowers are from a deciduous shrub which was already growing in my garden from the day I moved here almost 30 years ago. It goes by different names, but there are no thorns on this rose. It never fails to display these small, bright yellow pom pom flowers.

Japanese Rose Kerria japonica

© Peter Hillman ♦ 1st April 2020 ♦ rear garden, Staffordshire ♦ Nikon D7200

18 thoughts on “Japanese Rose

  1. We seem to be living in parallel universes, Pete, with both of us posting bright yellow flowers and spiders too. 🙂 A rose without thorns? It sounds almost like a contradiction.


  2. I love the buttery yellow flowers of Kerria japonica. Have seen it quite regularly in different places down south here in NZ. Fluffy ones like yours and simpler forms with just a few petals. They can get pretty big when left untrimmed!

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  3. We have a variety of these from a cutting given me by a customer when I delivered some furniture many years ago. We always look forward to their return and get a second blooming later in the summer. I think I favor these over the more celebrated reds. This is a lovely portrait of yours, Pete.

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