Lesser Celandine

Ficaria verna – I am very fortunate that where I live I only have to walk five minutes and I am into woodland. So with the bright weather I have been managing to venture out for a few minutes. The sight of all these wonderful sunshine coloured flowers carpeting the woodland floor is such a joy to see and a lift to the heart. It has to be my favourite spring flower. I quite like the way the sun casts the bloom’s shadow to the right. Double-click image for a closer look.

Lesser celandine Ficaria verna

© Peter Hillman ♦ 26th March 2020 ♦ Local woodland path, Staffordshire ♦ Nikon D7200

18 thoughts on “Lesser Celandine

  1. Ah I thought it was lesser celandine. It was one of the plants that I looked out for to know spring was on its way. Apparently it makes little bulbules under the soil that can get transported on feet, which is how it spreads.

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    1. I had the same problem here and had to tinker with the camera settings to reduce it, pulling down the ISO. It can be difficult to get a balance especially in direct sunlight. Thank you, Brian. I hope you are well and staying safe there.

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  2. Lovely shot and I’m glad to hear you’ve been able to get outdoors again, even if it is for only a short walk in the fresh air. Hopefully you’ll continue to improve in your health 🙂

    I know you’ll appreciate now how hard it is for me to stay home when the weather’s good these days.

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    1. Thank you, Vicki 🙂 I struggled and got terribly out of breath, so unfortunately no improvement really, but like you say when the weather is so good I had to get out. I do really appreciate it, for sure. Unless you have gone through what you and I have you can’t really.


  3. I thought this looked like our buttercup, and sure enough — it’s in the family. It is beautiful. There’s nothing like a little flowery sunshine to cheer the heart!

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      1. Ah yes, I see the difference, and the greater celandine’s similarity to poppy foliage, which figures if it belongs to that family.

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