View of The Great Orme

I took this photo of the ‘Sea Serpent’ which the Vikings most likely saw it as from their longships as they approached, and where todays name originates from, as I stood on Llandudno Pier.

The Great Orme, Llandudno

© Peter Hillman ♦ 18th April 2011 ♦ Llandudno, Wales ♦ Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38

10 thoughts on “View of The Great Orme

  1. If you were in a long boat and there was coastal mist about, you could be forgiven for thinking there was a giant sea serpent ahead!

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  2. Ah the Orme. I grew up just outside Rhyl and this headland was a constant view. Never really made it up much though, I bet it’s an ace place to go walking.

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    1. I love the Orme, and would llike to live near it for at least a couple of years to photograph and document all of its lush fauna and flora. I have walked the toll road, stopped at the cafe by the clifftops for coffee and cake, and done the complete circuit around it. You can take the tram up, but I have walked it, which is pretty hard going as it is steep in places. It is a place of history and mystery, and I think you would really like.

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