Common Malachite Beetle

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Malachius bipustulatus – I occasionally spot these on my local summer walks. They are only a small beetle at around 5-8mm (3/16-5/16in) long, but the bright red spots give them away. Kind of reminds me of that final scene in Jurassic Park. Double-click to enter the staring contest.

Common Malachite Beetle Malachius bipustulatus

Common Malachite Beetle Malachius bipustulatus

Copyright: Peter Hillman
Camera used: Nikon D7200
Date taken: 7th July 2019
Place: Local field, Staffordshire

17 thoughts on “Common Malachite Beetle

  1. What I take to be a thistle bud is nice, too. It’s far easier for a beetle to negotiate one of those than it is for us to get through a patch of them.

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      1. Here’s an unrelated, personal side note. When I was a kid, there were some words I couldn’t pronounce, and ‘thistle’ was one of them. It always came out ‘thith-el.’ I still read it that way sometimes!

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  2. The staring contest 🀣 the beetle won, for sure! I’m amazed at the detail you are able to capture! Pin sharp. Beautiful

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