Ichneumon xanthorius

I found this magnificent wasp on my patio window looking in. It is a medium to large species at around 15mm (5/8in) long. As can be seen they have very distinct black and yellow abdominal bands. They are predatory on moth and butterfly larvae. The images portray the male.

It is usually seen feeding on umbellifers, or flying through foliage on the hunt for prey. Click that mouse … and click it again if you wanna closer look-see …

Ichneumon xanthorius male

Ichneumon xanthorius male

Ichneumon xanthorius male

Copyright: Peter Hillman
Camera used: Nikon D7200
Date taken: 30th June 2019
Place: Rear garden, Staffordshire

15 thoughts on “Ichneumon xanthorius

  1. I love the DOF on those frontal shots you take. Makes me feel as though they’re right in front of my face and I’m down at their level.

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    • These wasps don’t technically possess a sting, although the females have an ovipositor which is simply an egg laying tube which it may use to sting if provoked, but they do not contain venom like other wasps true stings do.

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