Mint Moth

Pyrausta aurata – Also called the Small Purple & Gold, this moth has always been a regular visitor to my garden, yet I have always grown mint, so that is not really very surprising.

Pyrausta aurata

Copyright: Peter Hillman
Camera used: Nikon D7200
Date taken: 20th July 2017
Place: Rear garden, Staffordshire


22 thoughts on “Mint Moth

  1. Those antennae are interesting. Are they always curved like that, or might their position be a response to something in the environment? Or does anyone know?

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  2. Wow, what a great shot! Such marvellous moth. And you are right, I saw Pyrausta purpuralis and thought it must be this one. They are really very similar!

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  3. We have these visiting our boneset plants. Fairly small but attractively scaled. I’m not sure about the antennae either but the ones we get are fairly straight back along the wings. Another example of moths are beautiful too. 🙂

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