Green Long-horn

Adela reaumurella – This is the male with his extraordinary long white antennae, which are three times the length of the forewing. The adult flies in May and June, and in the daytime, where they may swarm.

Green Long-horn Adela reaumurella

Copyright: Peter Hillman
Camera used: Nikon D3200
Date taken: 4th May 2015
Place: Local wood, Staffordshire


20 thoughts on “Green Long-horn

  1. Very impressive antennae! Any idea of why so long – nature usually has a reason for extremes like that.


  2. Being the Texan that I am, you probably can imagine what came to mind when I read “green longhorn”! This little guy is just as interesting, and those long, white antennae are quite something.

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  3. Nice shot of this funny guy! I see them sometimes in the surroundings of the house, where nature is a bit more “natural”. I like their antennaes! Some of these insects look really beautiful.

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