Candlesnuff Fungus Xylaria hypoxylon

Candlesnuff Fungus (Xylaria hypoxylon).

Local wood. October 2019 ยฉ Pete Hillman.

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  1. Looking at both the scientific and common names, I wondered if this is toxic, or even deadly. Hypoxylon brought to mind hypoxia; if that’s the condition this one induces, I’ll not be adding it to my menu!

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    1. They are tiny, and I now this is going to sound very sad, but I remembered this particular rotting tree stump out in the woods from previous years and went to have a look-see … and yep … they were still growing there.

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  2. Even when non-toxic or even edible, I tend not to trust my IDs enough to eat what I find. And when we do, just think of all those thousands or millions of spores that will never reach their potential. ๐Ÿ™‚

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