Under A Strip of Bark

Discus Snail Discus rotundatus

By my plant pot full of moss I have a strip of bark leaning against some heather. Occasionally I will lift it to see what is sheltering in the dark and damp place it helps create there. Clinging to the underneath of the bark I found a 5-7mm (around 1/4 inch) Discus Snail (Discus rotundatus). For such a small creature it has such amazing detail and colours.

Double click if you wanna get closer…

October 2019 © Pete Hillman.

17 thoughts on “Under A Strip of Bark

  1. I’ve never considered the possibility that even snails might try to camouflage themselves, but this one’s done a good job of it.

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  2. What amazing detail for one so small.

    BTW I was reading an article on extension tubes over the weekend. Since I’m more housebound, I’m wondering if they might be an affordable acquisition for my balcony garden plants photography. The article writer raved about the Kenko DG Auto Extension tubes (as opposed to the more expensive Canon ones).

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      1. With your dedicated macro lens and skill in shooting tiny creatures, you probably don’t need extension tubes, but I only came across a good article praising kenco’s virtues and wondered what you might have thought of them. Seems to be a way for me to be an affordable way to photograph the small details in my garden. Hopefully Christmas might be a good time to invest in a Kenco 3 tubes in one package. I think Canon were double the price.

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      2. I have gone down the Google route in the past looking into extension tubes, and Kenko popped up quite a lot, the set of three you mention which can be mixed and matched as one sees fit. There are pros and cons using extension tubes. If you are thinking of purchasing for Christmas I would suggest you Google a little to see if they are suitable for you and your particular camera and lenses. Here, when I looked into them, they were around £180.00 for the set of 3, but they no doubt can be found cheaper depending where you look. I thought at the time that was quite a lot of money and the benefits compared to me using my macro were only slightly beneficial. I wish you very well in your exploration.

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      3. Thanks Pete. The set of 3 Kenko I looked at were much cheaper here in Melbourne and about 1/4 cost of purchasing another Canon 100mm macro lens (which I traded in 2015). I’ll keep your comments in mind.

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