Common Green Lacewing Chrysoperla carnea

This is the Common Green Lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea), which I discovered in my garden the other day. They are good at devouring greenfly, so can be one of the gardener’s best buddies. It belongs to the order mentioned in the title ‘Neuroptera’ – which contains the ‘net-winged insects’ such as lacewings, antlions and mantidflies.

One of the fine ‘lace’ wings on this one are slightly damaged as you can see, but it is still quite a beautiful insect. I especially like the pale green colour and yellow stripe running from head to tail.

Double click if you wanna get closer…

October 2019 Β© Pete Hillman.

13 thoughts on “Neuroptera

  1. I think these are some of the prettiest insects. They have it all: color, delicacy, and those wonderfully veined wings. I like this photo, quite a lot.

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  2. Lacewings are such pretty insects. We don’t get many in the yard, at least that I’ve found, but I’d be happy to have yours stop by. Even the name is pretty.

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