Moss Becomes A Jungle

Clubiona sp.

I was photographing another species of spider on a plant pot (a lot seems to happen on this plant pot for some reason?) and this one came along. I think it is a young Clubiona sp. and it was so small it was getting lost amongst the moss leaves.

The darn thing would not keep still hence it is not as sharp as I would like.

Double click if you wanna get closer…

October 2019 Β© Pete Hillman.

17 thoughts on “Moss Becomes A Jungle

  1. One of the Sac spiders.
    I strongly suspect I was bitten on my thumb and my right buttock (don’t ask) by a long-legged Sac spider.
    Not pleasant at all.

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  2. Perhaps not as sharp as you would like but certainly good enough for me. I always think if you get the head in focus as you have done, the legs don’t matter that much when it comes to clarity.

    Well done, I say. I find moving birds hard enough to catch in focus, but I do remember the difficulty in catching dragonflies and damselflies back in the day when I had a macro lens.

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    1. I appreciate that, thank you Vicki πŸ™‚ I automatically disgard photos where the head is out of focus, as it I think it can spoil the whole photo.

      This spider was was barey visible to the naked eye, so was hard enough to focus on yet alone it would not keep still., so I was pleased I managed to get the shot I did πŸ™‚

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