Something Cheesy

House Mouse Mus musculus

Now … where did I put that cheese?

House Mouse Mus musculus

Ah-ha … I have sniffed it and now I spy it!

House Mouse Mus musculus

Yum-yum in my tum …

House Mouse Mus musculus

… but I think I prefer the seed the feathered things drop from above …. squeak!

Here I have tried to capture a few moments in the life of a House Mouse (Mus musculus) … or mice … as I have seen a few of them under my birdfeeder where they have been grabbing the white heart sunflower seeds the finches drop.

They were quite funny to watch. I sat in a garden chair barely a couple of arms lengths away, and every time they appeared from beneath the flora I tried to snap them they ran for cover! They knew I was there, watching them, but I think they were curious about me and it became a bit of a game with them. Eventually they appeared in the open and they did their thing … which was eat … and eat some more …

September 2019 Β© Pete Hillman.

35 thoughts on “Something Cheesy

  1. Good to see a mouse living up to its traditions!

    I never see house mice in the Surrey Hills, although have happened across one or two while working or travelling in London. Their eyes are noticeably smaller than our native wild mice.

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  2. Little mice are cute and interesting to watch. I do not care for them indoors, but when they are outside I just enjoy their antics. Have no fear of mice or rats and in nature they are essential. Thanks for sharing this cute little guy Pete.

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  3. What a treat to see these tiny critters up so close. I’m envious.

    Lovely shots of this little one and thanks for sharing, Pete. πŸ™‚

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