A Little Red On Black

Pine Ladybird Exochomus quadripustulatus

This is a new species for me in the garden. It is the Pine Ladybird (Exochomus quadripustulatus). It is quite small between 3 to 4mm long. It has a distinct rim around the base of the wingcases. Although it is mainly found where Pine grows, it also likes Hawthorn which I happen to have in the garden.

September 2019 Β© Pete Hillman.


24 thoughts on “A Little Red On Black

  1. I’ve seen black ladybirds before but not exactly like this. Are there several species this colour? Years ago I was told black ones are poisonous but I didn’t quite believe that. I love to see all ladybirds.

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    • The 2-spot Ladybird, the dark form, can look similar, and the larger Harlequin Ladybird has a form which looks quite similar. I believe all ladybirds are poisonous to predators which is why they are usually distinctly coloured as a warning not to eat them.

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