33 thoughts on “In The Garden Shed

    1. The body is around the size of a pinky fingernail. They do vary in size, and this one is probably still growing.


    1. Thank you Indira 🙂 I am so pleased you have seen beyond the spider and the colour layers in the background 🙂


  1. I wonder why it has such spiky legs? You’ve never seen a truly hideous spider unless you’ve been in the tropics. I’ve seen some horrendous (huge) spiders here in Florida. How big was this one?

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  2. Nice and small, my favourite size. I have lots of these inoffensive critters in my garden. Unlike the objectionable beast staring at me from my bedroom wall last night. There was no-one to safely evict it for me, so I took my bedding downstairs and slept on the sofa. 😯

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    1. Yep, there are a lot of these Garden Spiders around, and will be more of the House Spiders like the kind that unfortnaely made you sleep downstairs. They can be quite intimidating, but they are only after a date, usually males searching for females.

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      1. I think this was a female. It was occasionally slipping off the wall then scrambling back on a thread then glaring at me. I would have preferred for it to do its courting outside.

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