Blending In

Hairy Shieldbug Dolycoris baccarum

I discovered this Hairy Shieldbug (Dolycoris baccarum) on my Water Mint this morning.

Feel free to click the image to enlarge and click again to get even closer …

September 2019 © Pete Hillman.

43 thoughts on “Blending In

  1. I love sheildbugs for no apparent reason I can find, they just appeal to me. Never seen a hairy one (misses), it’s very cute and I read it as Harry Sheildbug the first time round too hahahahaha.

    This is also an absolutely stunning photograph Pete.

    – Esme Cloud shaking his hand covered in hairy shieldbugs (Esme not the hand)


    1. Esme you never fail to make me smile and laugh, so I thank you for that and for your lovely comment! Harry Shieldbug is so funny, perhaps we should rename it, lol!

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  2. Wow, that’s awesome! Do you think it may achieve it’s perfect blending by eating the leaves of the plant it’s on? Just wondering..

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    1. Thank you Liz. I believe it is just coincidence in this case as the bugs can be this colour as autumn approaches. They are redder in the summer months.

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  3. What marvellous camouflage. I doubt that I would have spotted this bug with my poor vision. Thanks for sharing Pete.

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