Caught In A Deadly Trap

Goldenrod Spider Misumena vatia

I have never seen anything quite like this before. A butterfly snared by a crab spider.

Feel free to click to enlarge and click again to get even closer.

July 2019, local field, South Staffordshire, England. © Pete Hillman.

33 thoughts on “Caught In A Deadly Trap

  1. Extraordinary. Did you watch for a while to see if the butterfly was able to escape? The butterfly looks to be a large meal if it didn’t get free.

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  2. Great picture! I just wanted to say the same when I read your sentences. I wouldn’t have thought that spiders like that would catch a butterfly! Incredible! But that is nature. Fascinating.

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  3. Excellent capture …. as one might also say to Mrs. Crab Spider.
    I have seen a crab spider with a butterfly( and photos) on one occasion only. But the catch was not as ”fresh” as your shot, Pete.
    I guess they are opportunists and will take whatever they can.
    On saying that, I have one photograph of a hoverfly stationary on the back of a yellow crab spider – I kid you not – and the spider did absolutely nothing.

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    • Cheers Ark. I have seen them tackle bumblebees but never thought they went for butterflies until now. They are certainly ferocious predators.

      Ha, that must have been a sight to see … a hoverfly piggy-backing a crab spider!

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