Less Than 1mm Long

Deuterosminthurus pallipes forma repandus
Deuterosminthurus pallipes forma repandus

Click and click again on the image to get that little bit closer …

These are barely visible with the naked eye. I only spotted them by closely looking at the leaves of my crabapple to see them scurrying over the surface, although they can occur on most vegetation. The fine hairs on the leaves must be like grass to them. Even with the Raynox 250 clipped to the end of my Sigma 105mm macro lens cranked up to the max magnification you still have to crop a fair bit to get close and see how cute these little springtails are. And they do have a spring in them too! This is the yellow form repandus. I have featured the rarer purple plum coloured one before, but you can have another look-see below.

June 2019, rear garden, South Staffordshire, England. © Pete Hillman.

16 thoughts on “Less Than 1mm Long

    1. I was on the look out for them, and the only real chance of seeing them is if they on a different coloured background and they were moving.

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  1. And but for that a 10 cm long name!! 😁
    Well done, Pete!! Thanks for showing. By the way I use the Raynox 150 with my Canon 100mm. Makes really fun…

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    1. They are pretty small and quite a challenge to photo, especially handheld. You have to hold your breath a lot and remember to breathe lol! Thank you 🙂

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