Sweat Bee

I was actually photographing the flower when this little Lasioglossum sp. of bee appeared. As you can see it is a very small bee compared to the usual honey bees, and has shiny metallic markings which are quite stunning. They are called sweat bees as they can be attracted to perspiration, but they will only sting if they feel threatened. They are very important pollinators, so yep, you are more than welcome to visit my garden anytime little bee.

Click and click again on the image to get that little bit closer …

May 2019, rear garden, Staffordshire, England. © Pete Hillman.

8 thoughts on “Sweat Bee

    • Thank you Robin! Sometimes it is just luck as they move around so much and just catching them just right. I had taken several pictures and this one turned out to be the best one, thankfully 🙂


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