Where The Hairy Meets The Hairy

Hairy legs and hairy leaves, this is where Pardosa sp (possibly Pardosa amentata the Spotted Wolf Spider) meets Bugle Ajuga reptans. This is the darker male of the spider species, and you can just about make out its large dark palps at the front. I see a lot of these at the bottom of the garden this time of the year and throughout the summer months.

Click and click again on the image to get that little bit closer if you wish …

April 2019, rear garden, Staffordshire, England. © Pete Hillman.

10 thoughts on “Where The Hairy Meets The Hairy

  1. Wow. It is definitely worth clicking to get a closer view of this wonderful spider, though I suspect some of your readers are totally creeped out by viewing it from a distance. That is definitely not me. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Mike. What amazes me is how we don’t always see these magnificent creatures beneath our feet, and indeed may have inadverently trampled them into obliteration. I find getting closer to them to see all their unique and intricate details makes me appreciate them more.


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