The Mystery of Consciousness

Red Dawn

The mystery of consciousness makes reality, and there is no reality without a fully conscious species to apprehend it. You think the world precious because you’re here to see it. We are the world and the world is us, and neither can be but a dream of no importance without the other.

Dean Koontz from ‘The Whispering Room’.

29 thoughts on “The Mystery of Consciousness

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Jane Hawk series. I understand the 4th installment..
    “The Forbidden Door” is to be published in early October.

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    1. You know I missed the first book and red the second, but now have the first book, which I will begin to read soon, and I also have the third book. I have always loved Dean Koontz, and will look forward to the 4th book which I think is released here October or November.

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ It is an interesting quote and I am not entirely sure whether I agree with the entirety of it, but it surely make one think.

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  2. The Dean Koontz quote really fits that divine photograph. I haven’t read a Koontz novel in a while and am not familiar with that series. Maybe that will be my late summer reading. Thanks for posting and keeping us inspired.

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    1. I appreciate that, Sue, thank you πŸ™‚ I enjoyed reading ‘Phantoms’ and ‘Strangers’ when I was younger. This has been a really good adventure series.


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