22 thoughts on “Sunburst

  1. That’s a heavenly view, so gorgeous! I call that blue “Virgin Blue” and in this scene with the white as well, it sure makes me think of pictures of the Virgin Mary!

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  2. Thanks for sharing, dear Pete 🙂
    I love watching to the sky and see even at the same place always different formations of clouds and sceneries. Beautiful how the sun rays become an eye-catcher 🙂
    Have a great weekend my friend

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  3. Stunning picture of a split second in time. I expect that cloudscape was different almost immediately afterwards. Weather waits for no-one.

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  4. One could never tire of the sky and the myriad of cloud permutations and rays of light! Perfectly captured here!

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    1. I do love the changes we see in the skies, and especially cloud forms and the way the sun peeks through them with its golden rays of joy. Thank you 🙂

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