Catching The Moon

Rook Corvus frugilegus

The crow black
dropped his sack
at my dusty feet

As the sun beat down
on the dying ground
even the desert had to shy away

A single hooded eye
that told no lie
pierced my very soul!

And a cracked voice spoke
a riddle to evoke
from the haze of a distant dream

“Catch the Moon!
Catch it soon!
Before thine end …”

Something a little different from the norm, I know … © Pete Hillman 2017

32 thoughts on “Catching The Moon

  1. Wonderful , both poem and picture!! More, more ! 😻💕🦅

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      1. Well, this will make me stay here after all… at least for a while longer. I already love your pictures, but it gets even better when you are also poetic, wordwise, dear Pete. 🙂

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  2. The photo immediately reminded me of the poem The Halloween Tree that I reblogged on my site last year, by Candice. I’ve commented to her about this photo of yours, your photo evokes for me the same spooky feeling!

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    1. I find crows to be quite mysterious birds, and as I was lucky enough to get a shot of one with the moon which I think holds such magnetic beauty it all kind of came together in this light, or dark.

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  3. I like the different! (But I always love your beautiful photos, Pete.) This is right up my alley.

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