Rough Comfrey Symphytum asperum

I am not entirely sure, but this might be Rough Comfrey Symphytum asperum, with its pale blue flowers. There were many of these near the bank of the River Severn attracting all kinds of insects.

Rough Comfrey Symphytum asperum

Rough Comfrey Symphytum asperum

May 2018, banks of the River Severn, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire, England. © Pete Hillman


  1. Both flowers and leaves look like Comfrey to me. I have similar photos from the Herb Garden in our Royal Botanic Gardens. Some of my photos show pale blue flowers and some show a pinkish colour, so not sure if it was different light, focal lengths (which change many colours), or a different variety.

    Just checked Google Images and there are purple varieties too. I never knew that.

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    1. I only ever thought there was Common Comfrey, which I see a lot of around here locally on my walks, but there are a few varieties as you say. They readly cross as well, so different variations around, too. I had never seen one with the pale blue hues before, which covered quite a stretch near the river. The buds start off pink and then change to blue as they open. I think the purple maybe Russian Comfrey.

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      1. So if they started pink and then changed to blue, that would explain why I have both pink flower and blue flowers in my images. Since my photos were made some years ago, I can’t remember what plant identification plaques were in the ground.

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  2. My comfrey had pink flowers, didn’t know there were different varieties. I had to pull mine out as there was no room in the garden, but I dried a load of leaves to use for aches and pains and bruises.

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