Garden Chafer Phyllopertha horticola

Garden Chafer Phyllopertha horticola

For a small beetle it is quite rather beautiful with its shiny green head, pronotum and scutellum, and polished chestnut elytra.

Click once to expand view, click again to get that little bit closer

June 2018, local field, Staffordshire, England. Β© Pete Hillman.

14 thoughts on “Garden Chafer Phyllopertha horticola

  1. The coloring and basic beetle body shape is very similar to the Japanese beetle (popillia japonica) found in North America. It’s a serious crop, lawn, and garden pest. I’ve posted photos in the past showing them stacked up on one another three and four high and covering the top portion of rose bushes. Hope your garden chafer is not as destructive. Of course the Japanese beetle in NA is an invasive species so it does not have the natural predators id does in Japan.

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    1. I did a Google on your popillia japonica and they are very similar indeed, David! The Garden Chafer can be destructive, too, and can be a pest in some orchards and cereal crops. There are many of these around and about at the moment, especially in the garden, but they appear to do little harm there.


    1. I was only going to use the close up of the chafer, but thought the leaf was quite nice myself, and it gave some perspective on the size of the beetle, although some of these leaves can be quite big. Thank you, Jill πŸ™‚

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