Marsh Snipefly Rhagio tringarius

Marsh Snipefly Rhagio tringarius

I came across this distinctive fly near my local river, and it certainly did stand out from the greenery and was quite hard to miss. The toffee coloured wings are really quite something, apart from the carrot orange body of the fly with its black markings. It is generally found in areas of rich vegetation like hedgerows, woodland and damp meadows, and it is fairly common and widespread throughout Britain. The larvae lives in the ground where they feed on earthworms and beetle larvae, where as the adult feeds on other flies. The adult may be seen May through to September, usually resting on vegetation as can be seen in the photograph above.

Click once to expand view, click again to get that little bit closer

May 2018, near local river, Staffordshire, England. © Pete Hillman. Sigma 18-300mm lens.

12 thoughts on “Marsh Snipefly Rhagio tringarius

  1. Excellent Photo Pete with perfect exposure and detail doing justice to this beautiful fly. Normally I would consider “beautiful fly” to be an oxymoron but you have shown some really nice looking ones lately.

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