Light At The End of The Tunnel

Country Lane

I love the way nature adds fine layer upon fine layer to paint and fill its environments so lushly. This is a shot looking back down a local country lane filled with various green hues and different shaped leaves.

May 2018, Staffordshire, England. Β© Pete Hillman. Sigma 18-300mm lens.

11 thoughts on “Light At The End of The Tunnel

  1. Beautiful shot Pete. I love photos of paths and roads leading to who knows where especially with they have a natural or man made tunnel like structure pulling your eye in like this one.

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  2. I like the way the “ring” of shade in the center draws the eye, and leads it even deeper into the glade. It’s almost as though you have to pass through that darkness to get to the light, just as you often do with a regular doorway.

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  3. Ditto to that Pete.
    (I’ve got more than a few scenes of similar composition. I love the whole green tunnel effect).

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  4. I was in my wood doing just this a couple of days ago. Isn’t Staffs verdant and stuffed with interesting critters and wild flowers? I’ve never really been down in that area.

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